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Richard Lee Byers
Jim Butcher

Laurell K Hamilton
Janeen O'Kerry
Karen Rose Cercone
Steven Lee Climer
Julia Ecklar
Diana G. Gallagher
Ray Garton
Gerry Hausman
Brian Lumley

Michael A. Stackpole

Dan Stark
David Niall Wilson

We are fortunate to have a list of talented and dedicated authors. Editors have called us asking for a writer to do a quick novelization or a book based on a popular TV show.

Other people formerly on our list who joined us as unpublished authors have years later been "poached" by huge agencies looking for ready-made stars. Those two examples highlight what RMA is about: We don't sell books, we develop careers of talented individuals who need people they can rely on standing behind them.

We are proud of our authors and know that each one has a career ahead of them in doing what they love to do.

-- Ricia Mainhardt



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